Takatack Bids Farewell to its E-Commerce Race

Tackatack is one of the first E-commerce websites in the Philippines along with Lazada. It is known for giving its customer a big amount of discounts as high as 40% off during sale. However, the company will already shutdown on September 21, 2018 without any reasons stated.

If you visit their site, you can also see their message for discontinuation of service:

IMPORTANT UPDATE: After five years of serving you, Takatack will no longer be available starting September 21, 2018. Orders placed and paid for by 11:59 PM tonight will be processed until October 30, 2018. If you have questions, talk to us at (02) 511-2727 or email us at support@takatack.com.

What could be the reasons for the website’s shutdown? These are our humble opinion.

1. Lazada and Shopee are the two most dominant E-commerce sites now in the country leaving Takatack behind.
2. Product volume is too low. Compared to Lazada and Shopee, Takatack has a limited number of products.
3. Product prices are still quite high leaving its customer to buy to other competitors.
4. They are not joining their competitors sale day. If you could observe, when one of the E-commerce sites will announce their sale day, the others will follow but that’s not the case for Takatack.
5. They did not innovate. As people now are migrating to mobile shopping, their top competitors spend their R&D on Android and Apple App migration and promotion which is a big success on their part.

However, Takatack will still be missed for their “real deal discount” and by the customers that they have served.

Bid farewell to Takatack by commenting below, you could still have the best item from them!