Tricks to Lessen Lazada’s Expensive Shipping Fee

People outside Manila don’t have the chance now to pile up orders and check out at once to get the free shipping for all the items due to Lazada’s new shipping fee policy. Good thing for those who are in Manila area, they get to avail the free shipping even for items below P1000 before. Now, Shipping fee depends on the seller or store which causes dismay on the part of their loyal customers. However, due to these changes made by Lazada, the giant e-commerce is now slowly coping up with the item prices of their rival, Shopee.

Maybe some people are thinking twice or burdened to buy at Lazada due to its expensive shipping. But here are some tricks to drop the price as low as possible. Note that these tricks are mostly applicable to people outside Metro Manila.

TRICK 1: Address Modification

I’ve been dumbfounded that there’s like a glitch or bug on shipping address locations (same case with Shopee). Let me set an example. I’ll input two addresses to compare.

First address: Quiling Sur, Batac City, Ilocos Norte

Second address: Tabug, Batac City, Ilocos Norte

You’ve noticed that the shipping fee increased to almost 2000% and here’s the location of the two (2) Barangays:

You will see that the two (2) Barangays are just located near each other yet the shipping fees are different. Maybe you may have observed or experienced this. I advice you to use the location near you rather than your exact location or better, if you are working in an office and your building is known or popular, you can address it there but use a different location (Barangay) near you. For example the exact Barangay of your building is Tabug, you can replace the Barangay to Quiling Sur. Like St. Lukes Hospital, Tabug but it should be St. Lukes Hospital, Quiling Sur. Be sure to provide your correct mobile number so that in case the courier will call, you can instruct them. This works as long as the building or establishment is known to the couriers.

TRICK 2: “Pa Suyo”

If your address is “medyo malayo sa kabihasnan” (far from the city/rural) and you can’t really apply trick number 1, find a friend or a family member that works on the city/metropolis. Set the delivery credentials to their name and location. Most buildings which are located at the city/metropolis are supported by the couriers and charges you lesser/free shipping fee. So when the item/s are delivered to them, you can just contact them to give you the item and pay them (with tip for their service if you want). This is also a safer process in order for the item to be delivered smoothly.

TRICK 3:  Don’t Pile Up!

This is applicable to big items. Piling up of big items from the same store will charge you more than ordering the item one by one. Here’s an example:

First Scenario: Order Quantity equals to one (1)

Second Scenario: Order Quantity equals to two (2)

You will notice that you will be charged more if you order big items on the same time or same shipping. This is also because of the new shipping policy of Lazada. So if you want to buy two pieces of big items, it is suggested to buy it separately.

TRICK 4: Use Voucher Codes

Using of voucher code is a great help to cancel shipping fees or to get discounts on your desired products. Lazada is faithful enough in giving their customers discount vouchers from partners, stores and the company itself. So before you check out, be sure to use voucher codes. You can visit our site for the latest deals and codes.

What other tricks do you know for a better online shopping experience? You can share it by commenting below.